Ubuntu rocks!

February 22, 2007

Recently I installed Ubuntu on every machine in the office, servers and desktops and I must say that it just rocks.

It is very easy to install and configure. I have been using debian at home for quite a long time and adding new packages with apt-get is the simplest thing I have ever seen.

Actually I had an issue installing it on my laptop. The installation process just keep on hanging. But as always with GNU/Linux there are many alternatives available on the web so I decided to go for a network installation. It worked smoothly. Maybe you need some GNU/Linux administration backgound to do it, but it was my first network installation and it just worked.

One thing that sets Ubuntu appart from other GNU/Linux distributions is the huge documentation available. You can find detailed easy-to-follow steps to do about anything. For instance, do you want to add support for rich media cotent? Just follow the instructions here.

To sum up, if you plan on installing GNU/Linux (or even if you don’t 😉 ), give Ubuntu a go.


6 Responses to “Ubuntu rocks!”

  1. Pete Roome Says:

    Do you know how Ubuntu compares to Fedora? I having been preparing my Windows laptop for an install of Fedora but have been seeing a lot of good reviews about Ubuntu! Any advice? i am a newby to Linux and just wanted to give it a go as i really really cant stand windows!


  2. Ramon Guiu Says:

    Hi Pete,

    I haven’t tried Fedora recently. In the past I have mainly used Debian at home, SuSE at work and now Ubuntu both at home and at work. The two stronger points on Ubuntu’s side are:

    The community. Ubuntu has a huge user base. Moreover this user base is very active and so you can find solutions for any problem you may encounter.
    Easy of installation and usage. Based on Debian, Ubuntu uses a fantastic Debian tool for managing installations and updates: apt. I think Fedora and other distributions have a similar tool but I am not sure. What Debian did not have though, is the standard configuration tools that come with Ubuntu and that make any configuration pretty easy compared to what I was used on other GNU/Linux distributions

    I strongly recommend you give Ubuntu a go. I don’t know Fedora, but if you choose Ubuntu you are sure to make a good decision. Morover, Ubuntu is targeted to beginners and all the documentation and people willing to help you assures you a smooth transition from Windows.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Pete Roome Says:

    Ok great. Well i have been struggling through all the preparation documentation for Fedora and was thinking that it seemed quite long winded and complex for a Linux beginner such as myself.

    I think i will give Ubuntu a try, based on your thoughts and others i have read it seems to be the one to use. I’ll let you know how i get on…

    Bye for now

  4. Pete Roome Says:

    Ok so i have hit a major issue with this…my cd drive on my laptop is acting up and wont install my Ubuntu Disk from boot. Doh!

  5. Ramon Guiu Says:

    Do you mean that your CD drive cannot read the Ubuntu CD? I have had the same problem, Ubuntu starts the boot process but does not finish. I had to do a network installation to solve the issue.

    There is a lot of support information on the web about Ubuntu. Try this google search. You might find a solution for your problem.

  6. Pete Roome Says:

    Yeah the CD drive wouldnt read the CD. Ill have a look at the search. Thanks.

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